Colonetix – Scam or Miracle Cleanse?

 It’s neither. I just thought that title was funny. The truth is Colonetix is a great colon cleanser, made by a reputable company. It’s not the best colon cleanser available, but it’s definitely in the Top 5. 

Colonetix is a 2-step program aimed at cleansing the colon and purifying the body. 

Let’s take a close look at Colonetix:

Colonetix Ingredients

Colonetix sets itself apart in the market by incorporating 9 patented ingredients proven to cleanse your body and create a healthier you. The rest of the ingredients are part of the standard colon cleanser. But what I do like, is that Colonetix provides an adequate amount of these ingredients: 

  • 250mg Apple Pectin
  • 200mg Fenugreek
  • 150mg Buckwheat Fiber
  • 150 mg Grapefruit Pectin

Step-2 of Colonetix, includes 26 ingredients. Unlike most companies, Colonetix actually reveals the amount of each ingredient. This transparency adds a lot of credibility to the company. A lot of companies will use stellar ingredients and use miniscule amounts, thus making it nearly ineffective.

Colonetix Company

I ordered  a bottle of Colonetix and put it to the test. I ordered it on Tuesday and Received in on Friday, which really impressed me. I emailed their customer service with a few questions the day I received it (as a test) and I received a response within 30 minutes, which also really impressed me. Their site offers secure ordering and generous quantity discounts.

What impresses me the most is the Money Back Guarantee. You can try it risk-free for 60 days. If you don’t like it, you can return it. To verify their money back guarantee (this may have been dishonest, but I did it for the greater good) I returned the bottle I ordered. It cost me $1.81 to send back. I was refunded (no S/H) within 7 days. So unlike a lot of companies, Colonetix lives up to their guarantee. No lip service.

Colonetix Bottom Line…

It’s not my top choice, but Colonetix is worth trying. It’s got good ingredients, a great price and a verified 60 day money back guarantee.

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